Survivor Snapshots November 2015

Abby  Through the past few months, watching Abby's decision making process and emotional health progress has been a joy.  Abby is now able to advocate for herself.  She recently made a decision to put off her immediate desire for the longer term good of her emotional well-being.  We continue to cheer her on as she discerns what's best for her own life and begins to dream her own dreams for the future.  


Lexi –  Lexi continued to process hard choices this past month. Many tears have been shed in the decision making.  But they are healthy tears.  When a survivor has had to deny emotions for a long time as a matter of survival, it is hard when those feelings first start to resurface.  But these are all signs of healthy progress.  Lexi has formed deep bonds with staff and other survivors over the past several months.        


Becky  Becky's new job made sobriety difficult.  We are thrilled that Becky immediately left the new job with its temptations and went back to her old one.  This is a success on so many levels.  Being able to walk away from better pay and hours in favor of sobriety is a giant step toward recovery.  Additionally, the fact that her former employer was so eager to have her back is a testament to her.   She has weathered family milestones, both joyful and sorrowful, this month, and continues to overcome. 

Miranda – Miranda spent a few days at the safe house this month, enjoying time with the other survivors and spending one on one time with Shelia.  She  is still attending school and has recently realized some areas of weakness that need bolstering lest they jeopardize her recovery.  She is making changes to protect her recovery.   


Morgan - Recently, Morgan decided to move back home to live with some of her family members.  We will miss her bouncing in and out of the care center every week, her infectious smile, and her bubbly attitude.  This seems to be a good choice for Morgan and we will continue to support her through phone calls, e-mails and occasional visits.   

New Referrals: 

Lisa - Lisa recently moved into the safe house and is settling into life with six other women.  She  spends a lot of time in the care center and we are enjoying getting to know her.   

Sandy - Sandy is a another new safe house resident.  She was recently referred to us from one of our community partners.  We, in turn, were able to refer Sandra to a longer term restoration facility.  She is preparing to move into this residential facility and prepare for the next chapters in her life. 

Kristi - Kristi is quickly becoming a fixture in the care center.  She almost always has a smile on her face and loves to be with others.  Kristi recently shared some family videos with Ondrea and Derri, which made for a fun lunch and gave us an insight into some important relationships in her life.  She also shared some of her art with us.  She asked if she could create something for our art wall and we eagerly  accepted the offer.  We look forward to displaying some new pieces soon.