Survivor Snapshots - June 2016

Monica – When Monica first arrived, referred through the Cherished Hearts human trafficking court, she was “pouty” and clearly didn’t want to be here. But over the past few months, we’ve seen her totally transform. She is very excited about the baby boy she is expecting later this year. She’s already picked out his name and gets a huge smile if you ask her about him. We got to cheer her on last week when she graduated from high school. She said she is ready to have a successful life for herself and her son. Now she says she wants to stay here with us – her family!

Abby & VictoriaAbby was one of the first to enter our safe house program. And Victoria captured our hearts from day one and was a positive personality around the office each week. They are both relocating and moving onto the next chapter of their lives. We will miss them both dearly, but are so proud of all that they accomplished here. And of course we will keep in touch!

And now for some updates and intros for some of our newest survivors:

LaurenLauren is currently our youngest survivor at 12 years old, and in just a month,  she has captured our hearts. Her Care Coordinator enrolled her in school and she will start our in-house therapy this summer. We plan to surround her with positive influences and help her reclaim her stolen childhood.

Faith Faith is cute and bold. Though we have not worked with her long, she already demonstrates amazing strength, courage, wisdom and determination. We are excited to see her take control of her life for the better.

Carmen Carmen is a Spanish speaking survivor whom we have served for a few months now. She is funny and loving. Her Care Coordinator took her to see her daughter recently and watched the two interact with such love and appreciation for one another. Her daughter even bought her flowers for Mother’s Day. Carmen is taking ESL classes and starting to open up more and more with the other women in the safe houses. Our newest referral, Katherine, and Carmen bonded right away as they both speak Spanish – which is just another blessing of support for Carmen now too.

Katherine Katherine is our newest referral. She is a lovely girl with an infectious personality and inspiring attitude. And though she is new, it is evident that she is ready to get to work; to plan and set goals for her life. We can’t wait to see what she does!