Survivor Snapshots June 2015

Renee – Renee is doing so well and we are pleased that she will be going to court soon to get final custody of her two children. To celebrate, a generous donor sponsored a day’s pass for her and her kids to Nashville Shores.

Abby – Abby is working with us on her recovery plan while awaiting her court date to testify against her trafficker. Our staff is helping her get resources and working to build a strong relationship of support for her. She is currently living in our safe house and is definitely the cook there. She even prepared a TexMex casserole for our staff this past month and we were able to have a nice family style lunch together.Yum! 

Candice – After several months of improvement and good work , Candice succumbed to her addiction. Now she is back in active inpatient treatment. 

Leah - Leah had court this past month where our staff was able to advocate for her; she will be released from jail into our care within the next month. She will become the fourth resident of our safe house.

Courtney – Courtney is having a hard time right now. After moving back into the juvenile facility she had some issues with other girls there. Currently, she is supposed to move back with her mother, however, our staff is concerned that this is not the best circumstance for her. We are advocating for her to be placed into an alternative foster family for now so we can continue to work with her and so she will be safe and in a healthy environment.

Sadie – This past month, Sadie went on an outing to the Nashville Zoo with two of our staff. It was her first time to a zoo and she was so excited to be able to see her favorite animal: giraffes. She had a great time and it was fun getting to see her recovering a bit of a lost childhood. A move into our safe house is in progress  as we work with the juvenile facility where she is currently staying.

Sasha – Sasha is in jail. Many survivors understandably have anger management issues. Unfortunately Sasha succumbed to her numbing drug of choice, alcohol, and got into a fight. 

Ellen – Ellen is doing very well. She applied for a new housing program closer to our office. She continues to participate as an intern with the Branded Collection as well as participating in Jobs for Life classes at the office.

Brenda – Brenda is back…again, living in our safe house and working with staff to learn some some bad choices she made. We are hopeful that therapy will help her deal with her relationship addiction. 

Lilly – Lilly is now in a residential facility, and we help provide specialized resources and support to her. She is undergoing a series of surgeries for a prosthetic limb after surviving a deadly attack by her trafficker. Our staff visits her in the hospital to let her know she is not alone, that we are here for her, and that we will help her through each and every mile of her journey.

We've had several new referrals this week. One cried when we met with her, saying "I just didn't know there was help for me!" Stay tuned for next months Survivor Snapshots to find out how these new girls are doing.