Survivor Snapshots - February 2017

Whitney returned to the ESTN Family. She is working on getting started again in therapy and intensive outpatient programming. Upon her return, she bonded with her new Care Coordinator as they sang a favorite hymn, passed down to each by their grandmothers.

19 year-old Blake was initially resistant to be in the program any longer than she had to be. She is now in therapy, adjusting beautifully to life in the safe house, and has hinted to Direct Services Staff that she may stick around longer than originally intended. They’re having fun playfully teasing her that she loves them more then she will let on!

Becky is a licensed driver! After eight years unable to legally drive she jumped through all the necessary hoops to get her license reinstated. Now she can hop in the car and drive to her job, where she recently received an award and promotion.

Christy also just received her driver’s license back. She is working for BRANDED Collective, learning workforce skills and saving to buy a car. She was thrilled to have the chance to drive her child to school!

Gina, a Spanish-speaking survivor, started English classes. She quickly picks up phrases and words, honing her English skills on staff and her safe house community. This blessing allows her to communicate better with other survivors and her face lights up when she can tell someone understands her.

Sadie hit a bump in the road in December, but promptly reached out for help. After successfully attending treatment, she is back in the safe house, therapy and IOP. We love having her sweet smile and friendly spirit around the office!

Heather is a new, twenty year-old referral. She jumped feet first into her recovery journey, seeking out a specialty trauma program that showed her success in the past. She is at this facility working on her recovery; we look forward to having her back with us in the safe house next month!

Abigail completed IOP and signed up for parenting classes. She is making a valiant effort to support her child, ensuring she has the needed tutors and tools for schooling. Abigail is learning not only to advocate for loved ones, but to find pride in her own journey.

Casey has been buzzing around the office, helping with tasks to get community service hours. Her servant’s heart and bright personality are the first things you notice when she walks in a room. Recently, she was able to visit her young children. She was worried they wouldn’t remember her, but found this fear unfounded, as they had a beautiful afternoon playing and spending time together.