Survivor Snapshots - December 2017

Addi is such a light to everyone around her. She cooks for the other survivors in her safe house every night and loves bringing leftovers to staff. She is so friendly and open to sharing her culture with the survivors and they absolutely love it. She felt so empowered when she opened her first bank account this month. She is taking computer classes and loving it and is hopes to start college next year.

Casey has many wonderful things going on right now. She is loving her job and working full time. She is 6 months along in a healthy pregnancy and getting ready to transition into her own apartment. She was feeling nervous about finding housing, but was overjoyed to find out she was accepted into The Next Door’s transitional housing program. On top of all that, she is celebrating one year clean this month!

Shelby spent the holidays with her daughter for the first time, which she was so excited about. She is finishing up IOP and planning to start GED classes when she graduates. Her spirit is a light to the other survivors and she is so willing to offer encouragement when a fellow survivor is having a bad day. She also got glasses for the first time and is so thankful to be able to see so much better.

Michelle is getting really good at MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and is working one on one with the instructor who has become a mentor to her. She is thankful for the opportunity to take these classes.  Michelle is applying for jobs and excited to make that step towards independence.

Christina is a survivor we worked with previously as an adolescent. Now an adult, she was struggling and we welcomed her into our safe house to help her get back on her feet. She is so happy to be here and is starting to open up with other survivors about her fears and struggles. They have comforted Christina and welcomed her with open arms, giving her hope and a sense of community she hasn’t had before.

Alice got to visit with her son for the first time in a long time and was so excited to reunite with him. She recently celebrated 60 days clean and is very optimistic about her future and reaching her goals.

Jenna is a new referral and fitting right in and making friends quickly at the house.