Survivor Snapshots December 2015

Abby  Abby has been consistently participative in her recovery and the restoration of her life.  Through making difficult, but wise decisions, one day at a time, Abby can look back on her year and see major progress. She's moving into the maintenance stages of her recovery process and is now seeking employment and making long term plans.   

Lexi – The past two months have been opportunities for significant growth for Lexi.  She made difficult but healthy choices about her future.  Now she's applying for jobs and has been on several interviews.  She is enthusiastic about the next steps.  Lexi was the recipient of a keyboard, donated earlier in the year by a generous volunteer.  Watching her passion for music first-hand has been a joy for everyone to watch... and hear!        

Becky  Becky has been spending time with her child over the past few months.  She opened her first bank account this year and got her first job.  She moved into the safe house after completing a recovery program and quickly became a mentor to new survivors, as they move into the house.   

Miranda – Miranda enrolled in college this year and is maintaining healthy relationships.  She recognizes her need for a specialized community of support so she'll be moving to Nashville next year.  Being able to recognize needs and advocate for oneself is a major milestone to rebuilding her life.     

Kristi  Kristi jumped into the process of recovery with enthusiasm.  She quickly found employment and is overcoming many health obstacles.   

Candice Sophie moved out of the safe house and is now living with her child, which is her lifetime dream.  She is actively participating in her recovery and making healthy choices.  She opened her first bank account and is holding a steady job; her first.   

We're flooded with new young girls and look forward to introducing you to them in the weeks ahead.