Survivor Snapshots

Shelia LOVES to work with her "babies" as she calls our minor survivors. In her honor here are some snapshots of our newest juvenile referrals and young survivor updates this month:

Courtney - 15 year old Courtney met with her foster family for the first time this month and is very excited to be with them soon. After learning about a very serious health issue, we are connecting Courtney with a mentor with the same health issue to encourage Courtney  that she can still have a happy and good long life. 

Miranda - We are so happy that Miranda completed her stay at a juvenile housing facility and was finally able to go home this past month! She was excited as well, but also now says she has to "break it to her family" that she wants to come back to Nashville to be closer to us. We are working with her now to help her start college this fall.

Candice - Candice is our cute little country girl. She was excited this past month to see all the snow that came through, though she didn't like being stuck inside all day. We hope to  have her start counseling with our in-house therapist this coming month. 

Izzie - Izzie is a new 17 year old referral we met this month who is living with a foster family. She has been through a lot of struggles and hardship and while she knows and loves her new family very much, she is still adapting to all the changes. She is another survivor who has started in-house therapy and we are happy to be able to see her at the office regularly.

April  - April is another  17 year old survivor who was referred to us recently. She is currently living in a juvenile housing facility but will be completing her stay there soon. We hope she will be able to be placed in good housing upon her release, but know that nothing will stop Shelia from staying connected and building a strong relationship.

Sadie - Sadie is a blond-haired, blue-eyed 18 year old. She was very recently referred to us by her organization with whom we have build a very good relationship.  Shelia has only been able to meet her once so far. At the beginning of their meeting, Sadie was sullen and uncommunicative. Within ten minutes,  the two were laughing heartily; Shelia is GREAT at making connections like this. Now Sadie is looking to her weekly visits.