Survivor Snapshots

 Adele – Adele is a survivor we met this month. She is creative, resourceful, a talented musician, enjoys making documentaries and travelling and loves animals. We had a very special treat at the office one day while Adele was visiting. She told us she was a cello player and it just so happens that we have a cello at the office, so she ended up playing two impromptu pieces for us. It was amazing how her peace and calmness of mind was able to flow through the music and fill the staff with a wonderful tranquility.

Miranda – Miranda is a new survivor we introduced last month. She is making a lot of progress  even while having to deal with some bullying issues. She's doing a lot of reading and writing, including poetry, and recently took her ACT but wants to take it again later this year. She enjoys visits from our staff and her family.

Isabel – Isabel started a new job this month and is super excited about this opportunity. She recently moved into a new recovery house that is more structured and a better fit for her. She is doing very well and enjoying building relationships with the ESTN staff.

Tara – Tara is one of our teen survivors who is experiencing some struggles lately. While visiting with her this month, she met another of our teen survivors. It was beautiful to see them share and connect with one another and to see the comfort one girl who has been with us longer had to offer the newer girl.

Cori – as a new seventeen year old mom, Cori is struggling with day to day decisions. We're working together to live intentionally, making hour by hour choices that will lead to recovery and the meeting of her goals for herself and her child

Jesse – Recently, Jesse attended a cookery program that works with individuals in transition and teaches skills in the culinary arts.  He's very excited about this opportunity and feels like it will be helpful to be in a group with other men and develop a healthy support system.

Katie – Katie received two exciting pieces of information this month. She received more documentation as a result of her T-visa and is excited about the continuing promise of opportunities for her and her family. She also had a doctor’s visit earlier this month and found out that her baby is a girl.

Brenda – Brenda is back on track and got a new job closer to home.  She is working to become more self-sufficient and is saving up for a car. Brenda also wants to start back in her GED classes. Currently, we are working with her on budgeting and setting up a savings account.