Survivor Snapshots


Here is a sampling of our survivor updates:

Cori – Cori , age 17, delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy on July 9th.   She asked Shelia to be the godmother! Shelia was there to comfort Cori in the delivery room. Christine, Allie and Kamrie were also present in the hospital for support. Cori is adjusting to her life as a mother with the help of her own mother. ESTN staff have been supporting Cori and her mother get the assistance their family needs with housing, food , baby items , medical care and transportation to appointments. Earlier in the month we delivered a mattress set and air conditioners to make the home comfortable for baby, mother, and grandmother. 

Jesse – Jesse is a new client.  He was initially nervous to recall his trafficking experience but came to trust us. We learned that he and his wife were expecting their first child later that month and that he was concerned because if a shortage of work ESTN gladly helped Jesse’s family with rent to ease some of the stress while preparing for their baby’s arrival. Jesse’s wife delivered their beautiful baby girl on July 23rd! Lizedny and Kamrie enjoyed holding the baby when they visited the family in the hospital. 

Tara – Tara is a new teen survivor, at the age of 16 when Shelia and Christine first met her. She has a fun and feisty personality and is looking forward to her senior year of high school. Shelia and Christine talked to her about her dreams and goals over lunch one day  and she said she would like to work in forensics. We celebrated her 17th  birthday this month. Christine, Kamrie and Shelia took her shopping, and to lunch, thanks to generous birthday sponsors, Tara had a great time shopping at Rue 21 and lunch at her favorite place, Chili’s!

Jenny – Between two summer courses, work, and numerous dental appointments Jenny's had a busy summer! ESTN staff have with her during her dental visits which are scary for her.  She’s getting ready for her fall semester at school which will include an internship. Jenny also got a chance to talk with another survivor find peer support  during a vulnerable time. 

Katie – Katie is being tutored by an ESTN volunteer for English and reading/writing skills.  During the first meeting she made a list of short term and long term goals, including her desire to be better equipped to help her children with their school work. Katie is going through some ups and downs emotionally, as is expected with trauma victims. She is currently pregnant and expecting her baby early next year and our staff is working to help her find resources and the self-care she needs to heal. 

Lauren –  Lauren was referred to ESTN by law enforcement in a sting that took place this past month.  The sting uncovered a trafficking ring of which Lauren was a part.  Later in the month Lauren courageously testified in court against her traffickers. Lizedny was in court with her that day and it was a comfort for her to not only have someone from our organization present, but to know that an entire city rallies behind her. Because of the support she found through us she can have closure, safety, and hope for a future.