Survivor Snapshot - September 2016

Miranda is back and we could not be happier! She is in great spirits, very engaged in her recovery and sharing bits of wisdom she acquired while away.

Charlotte is a new referral, in her early twenties. Her beautiful, kind spirit, and sweet smile light up any room she enters. She recently got braces and new glasses. She is so excited to finally be able to see! 

Christy joined us again, after treatment elsewhere. Her compassion and persistence for healing are a blessing to see. There’s a new light in her face, showing she is fully engaged and ready to succeed. Obstacles are inevitable for survivors, but she keeps pushing through.

Jennifer graduated from Intensive Outpatient Therapy. She recently visited her parents and child. She was so excited to see them, and they had a wonderful time together.

Monica is excited about her upcoming baby shower. Her laughter and humor keep us entertained. She is trying to get into college for a later semester, as she is currently preparing for the birth of her first child.

Laura was baptized a few weeks ago and felt able to share her story with others. She started cosmetology school; we know through her passion and perseverance she will be a great success.

Tammy is a new thirteen year-old referral. She enrolled in home school this year, which is going to be an important component in her recovery. She has some trust issues, but our direct services staff is winning her over and letting her know how she is loved. A volunteer will be tutoring her. 

Betsy was referred to ESTN from a facility in another city. She is 12 years old and has a bubbly, fun personality. 

Gina is a new, non-English speaking survivor. More updates will follow, as her case currently remains open. 

Jessie has been with ESTN for a few weeks. She recently visited her son. She’s had some medical issues, but is being brave and persevering. Usually quiet, she lights up when she sees our therapy dog Libby!

With six new referrals and several survivors who came home to ESTN this month, we have been busy! Stay tuned for more updates on our new referrals as they progress in their journey of healing.