Survivor Snapshots July 2015

Here's a snapshot of what's going on in the lives of a few of the survivors we're currently serving:

Abby – We're discovering that Abby is a very organized, motherly, and caring woman. She is the “Momma” of our safe house as well as the house chef. Abby is anticipating, with understandable anxiety, her court case next month. It's tough facing your controller and exploiter in court while you testify against them, and while the defense attorney tries to shred your testimony. We've promised to help her prepare and will be sure she has a friendly face in court when the time comes. She wants to remain in Nashville after the case is closed and continue working with ESTN to continue her healing process and prepare for the next chapter of her life.

Felicia – Another safe house resident,Felicia, joined our ESTN family almost four months ago. She is beautiful, patient and kind. Felicia continues to actively search for jobs locally while we  work with her to help her get her nursing license.

Brenda – We are sad to report that young Brenda left again. She is so confused, still feeling the need for male love and attention, which repeatedly takes her back to an abusive situation . Our prayers are that she will continue to reach out to us, but will also be willing for real help some day before it’s too late.

Jenny – Jenny is flourishing! Since recently graduating from college, she is working full-time as a residence assistant for a local nonprofit.  She is so excited about this new season of her life, and we look forward to watching her continue to blossom!

Rose – Our two weeks with Rose has been quite eventful. She called us herself, making a desperate plea for help to escape from her trafficker. We immediately went to get her and her first response was “I can’t believe this is really happening! Can I touch you? Are you real!?” Over time, she opened up about her story some more and we reassured her that we were here to help her start a new chapter in her life. Rose had a few small hiccups in her road, but she is now in a good treatment program and we are looking forward to getting to know her better.

Jane – Jane is one of our newest referrals -a cute little brunette survivor who was referred to us by a law enforcement agency. She came to us with almost nothing so we took her shopping right away, and got her safely situated in our safe house. She's already taken to all the girls there. She loves to paint and  made a lovely piece of artwork which was promptly added to our office art gallery. We are looking forward to building relationships with her!

Lilly – Lilly is a newer survivor we introduced last month. She is still recovering from her surgeries , but maintains her positive mindset and upbeat personality. She is a true inspiration and hero to many of our staff as she did not use any narcotics while undergoing surgery because she said she didn’t want to let drugs overcome her ever again.

Leah – Leah was released from jail this past month  having bravely turned herself in to face some charges against her, and we are so excited to have her back. Leah is living at our safe house, proactively taking care of her responsibilities, and back to the caring and optimistic personality we know and love. She is dealing with some health issues currently, which is common with survivors since they don't get medical care while being exploited. Of course we are making sure she gets the medical care she needs. She added a butterfly to our back office marking her milestone of finally having a safe place to live.

Miranda – Miranda recently received her GED and we are celebrating with her by taking her on a shopping spree. She is also working with an ESTN volunteer on a short documentary about her story as a survivor. Miranda wants to not only tell her story, but also to be a means of help and hope to others. Her compassion, strength, and beauty – inside and out – makes her such a wonderful person for us to work with.