Sometimes, Success Doesn't Look Like Much

By Kelsey Mize, Director of Survivor Care

Sitting on the concrete outside of the office with the sun beating down on a Sunday afternoon isn’t what I had in mind when I pictured my weekend plans. But then again, predictability and convenience were never in my job description.

This job is so many wonderful things, and through it I have seen countless successes and celebrated more survivors than I could imagine. But, then there are these moments. The moments when a survivor shows up after months of being away, in a state of emergency, pleading for help and you have to drop everything and just show up. Moments where the reality and heaviness of this job hit at once, and you are reminded of what is at stake. Moments where you feel helpless beyond belief, where there isn’t always a right answer, or a clear outcome, or a promise of a happy ending. Moments where you take your work home with you and are reminded of the darkness in the world and angry at the broken systems that exist.

We often get asked about what success looks like for survivors, and sometimes success does not look like much. It is not always shiny, or impressive, or good for a Facebook post. Sometimes success is a survivor who has been gone for months, breaking down on the interstate, and dragging herself to our doors on a Sunday. It’s a survivor knowing that when she is in need, no matter what has happened or where she has been, we haven’t given up on her and that hope can be found.

We do so many important things behind our doors, but more and more, I’m convinced that the greatest thing we do is show up, pour out love, and provide hope despite it all.