Slavery is appalling! But what can *I* do?

A LOT, actually:

· Raise awareness and funds by organizing a Ride for Refuge (bike ride) in Nashville. 

· Support survivors by organizing Freedom Fighter's Parties. (Just heard from a courageous woman in a closed country who shelters survivors. She has a waiting list, one in the hospital-- and $44 left in her bank account. Selling more of the jewelry her ladies make would be a huge help to her and other front line heroes.)  

· Gather a prayer team and pray for victims, workers and slavery issues locally and globally.Ask for requests.   

· Use your skills Design brochures, bookmarks, posters, stickers with hotline info and other tools designed for local use. Write a blog or letter to the editor. Create a painting or write a song to be a voice for the voiceless. 

· Help us enter the 21st century by setting up a widget for donations for song downloads, a way to text donations or a twitter or Facebook auction. 

· Open eyes and dispel apathy by showing "Faces of Slavery" to your church, home group, professional org or  family and friends in your home. Write for a free disk:

· Prevent slavery and rescue victims by starting a community watch type program in your neighborhood or throughout Tennessee. (We can help.)

· Donate a car, like Susie and Nick Young. Get a tax write off and free some people. Cool! (International Teams is the charity-be sure to earmark for anti-slavery work.) 

· Encourage survivors by writing letters to rescued victims in shelters in the U.S. Write for addresses and guidelines.

· Educate tomorrow's decision makers by donating books and media on human trafficking to libraries-school, public, church etc.(Let us know you did, so we don't duplicate.)

· Entertain with a purpose by showing a movie about human trafficking and discussing modern slavery with your friends. Ask us for a list of recommended movies. 

· Join a monthly volunteer group! Get inspired and work together! Nashville group: contact Pax Franklin: Contact Bria

· Help us work intelligently and effectively by assisting with research for a resource catalog we're creating for front line workers. 

· Make sure victims are identified and helped by inviting us to speak or train members of your profession.

· Ignite a wild fire by devoting your Facebook status once a week to anti-slavery info. Retweet our tweets

· Fund the Cause by holding an awareness/benefit concert or other fundraiser. Ask, if you want ideas

· Create some drama and perform for schools and youth groups, to warn about trafficking tactics and thus prevent bondage. (We have ideas!)  

 · Pass this list on to your friends!

 Or share your own creative ideas! We’d love to hear them.