Ready, Set, KNOW!

By Allie Bergeron Hi everyone! Allie here, one of End Slavery Tennessee’s newest interns. My bright, confident, Northern (don’t hold it against her) fellow intern, Kamrie, and I are thrilled to be here! Human trafficking is a cause that’s been placed on both of our hearts and we, like you, are here to do something with that passion.

Yesterday an awesome group from Atlanta joined us for our first door hanger event of the summer! Door hanger events are an opportunity for Kamrie and I to give general education to students about domestic human trafficking and then for all of us to act on that knowledge by venturing out into neighborhoods to place informative flyers on people’s doors. Yesterday, though, we were amazed by the group’s understanding of this issue before we even began our discussion. To me, that says that our generation is quickly growing aware of the devastation of human trafficking in our own backyards, and is being moved to action.

We believe that information is the key to action and that awareness is going to save lives. The more that we are able to educate those around us, the greater opportunity we have of jamming this issue once and for all. Kamrie and I invite you to keep up with our trials and tribulations and tell us about your own. At the end of the day, we’re fighting the same battle. At the end of the day, we’re all abolitionists. And at the end of the day the power of change lies in our own hands.

Thanks for reading,