Survivor Snapshots

Our new Survivor Service Coordinators, Yvette and Jennifer, finally met all their clients and are building relationships and doing great work with each survivor. Here is an update of some of the survivors we’re currently serving:

Sasha – Sasha finally got a job and we are all so excited for her! She is working hard and doing very well. Volunteers helped furnish her apartment for which she is extremely grateful.

Jesse – Jesse continues to attend his therapy sessions and work with Yvette and Shelia to finalize some necessary immigration paperwork. He is very sweet and caring, however, we still have to remind him every now and then that he doesn’t have to worry about asking us for resources and support. That’s what we’re here for.

Izzie – Izzie was struggling this past month. She told us she wanted to move away with some friends she met recently. But after she left she realized she’d made a mistake. Luckily she called us and we helped get her back. She is nervous about what to do now but we have assured her she is welcome to come back and work with us. We love her unconditionally and continue to let her know that. Girls who haven’t had much chance to make decisions or to trust need to be able to make mistakes and learn from them, as do we all. 

Stephanie – Stephanie recently joined an NA group and is doing very well. She started our Jobs for Life classes and will soon begin interning with t-615 at the office each week. She took one of our donated laptops and will start taking online classes soon too.

Candice – Candice got a job recently and also moved into her new treatment program. She is also participating in our Job for Life and t-615 programs as well as attending therapy at the office each week. Jennifer helped her open her first bank account and she is excited about becoming more independent and responsible. 

Shane – Shane has been to our office a couple of times this month. We were very appreciative that his therapist took it upon herself to come help translate for us this past visit so that we could understand more how he is feeling and what he needs. Jennifer is working to help him connect with a lawyer to help him with his immigration status as well as meet any other needs he has.

Miranda – We were so excited that Miranda was finally able to visit us all at the office this past month. Previously our visits with her were at a juvenile detention center.  Our direct services staff took her to lunch at Thistle Stop Café. Yvette also set her up with medical appointments she needed.

Danielle – Danielle is very happy right now. She recently paid off her vehicle, joined a gym, and is has a job. She is able to talk to her son on the phone and hopes that the progress she is making will permit visitation rights. She has a court date coming up soon in which she will be testifying against her trafficker again.

Brenda – After Brenda moved away, chasing an abusive relationship. This past month Derri and Shelia both received messages from her. She tries to keep conversation light, but we can tell she is struggling and hope she will soon decide to come back home.

Courtney – Courtney recently moved into her new foster home. She is a little nervous; we are staying very connected to her. She has a great mentor now and will also be starting in-house therapy with us. Shelia and Jennifer took her shopping recently to get her new clothes and were able to assure her that we are with her for the long haul.

Jenny – Jenny is in a challenging season. She will soon graduate from college and needs to find a job and housing before she can continue to graduate school. All of this makes her anxious. She doesn’t always like to open up to new people and Jennifer was struggling trying to get through to her. However, are promising signs that she will again learn to trust a new person and that we will be beside her to help her succeed in meeting her goals. 

Katie – Shelia and Jennifer went to visit Katie and had a good time together. She will start meeting with a volunteer soon who will be helping her with her new business. She recently got her driver’s license and is so excited about it. She is also excited about the support group we hope to start next month for the survivors.

Leah – Long story short, Leah ended up in a bad place recently, ensnared again by her violent trafficker. Her kind heart led her to take risks to help another young girl escape and reunite with her mother. Leah is being very brave, helping law enforcement go after a bigger ring and rescue other victims. 

Sadie – Jennifer was able to meet with Sadie this past month and start building a relationship. She calls Sadie her “baby” now. Sadie is in juvenile detention but hopes to get out this summer. She wants to go to school to become a beautician and we have volunteers ready and waiting to help that dream come true!