In Their Own Words

child prostitute photoFrom time to time, between my own musings here, I will post examples of actual trafficking scenarios. This will, I trust, help all of us remember that when we talk about human trafficking/slavery, we are talking about real, flesh and blood human beings , not merely cold statistics. The following is a quote; a victim's own words, describing one way traffickers recruit needy children who are hungry for someone to love and care for them: "I was 14 years old and the way the pimp came at me was that first I didn’t even know that he was a pimp. He came at me like a boyfriend. Yes he was an older boyfriend but he cared about me...6 months later he told me ‘Let’s run away together. We can have a beautiful house and family.’ And I did believe him, and we ran away and then the story changed and I met the other girls that he had in his stable. And I had to go out every night and work the streets—the alternative was being gang raped by a group of pimps while everyone watched"