Getting the Word Out - Online Courses

by Holly Shelton


I am so grateful to have had the privilege to meet many End Slavery TN volunteers over the past couple of months, either in person or by phone. I am wowed at the fact that so many people, almost 11,000 in 2015, were made aware of the dangers of human trafficking and learned to identify victims.

As many of you already know, long time ESTN Educator Karen Karpinski’s last day with the organization was mid-December. She left quite a legacy and some pretty big shoes to fill.

This month, I would like to highlight her last endeavors which are three online courses; one for the Beauty Industry and two for the Hospitality Industry (English and Spanish version).  These classes will educate many employees in their respective fields about what we are so passionate about. I encourage those of you in these fields to learn more about these options here.

A big thank you to Karen and her tireless effort for completing these before she left!

Happy New Year!