Getting the Word Out - July 2016

by Jill Rutter, Director of Community Outreach

The halls are alive, with the sound of youth! The Center for Student Ministry has started their summer visits, and are scheduled to come to End Slavery twice a week throughout the entire summer.  One of our summer interns, Elise Smith, has diligently scheduled all door hanger projects and is taking on teaching as well. Way to go, Elise!

Many area churches reached out to us, asking for more information and education on the horrors of human trafficking. One of those churches, Belmont United Methodist Church, not only graciously welcomed Gwen Smith as a presenter, but showered us with gift cards and donations. Two of their members brought meals, adult coloring books, earbuds, and other gifts for the survivors under our care. Our wonderful volunteer, Jamie Corwin, and her church, Restoration Church of East Nashville, blessed us with even more bags and boxes of amazing items and necessities.  

Another volunteer, Capt. Andrew Branch, presented Jamie Corwin with an opportunity to educate his unit, the US Army Medical Recruiting Company, on the issue of human trafficking and how it impacts those in the medical profession. Andrew continues to give of himself as much as he can. He is currently sponsoring one of our survivors and volunteers for almost every project presented to him.

#estn15 is alive and well! Former Miss Tennessee 2015, Sarah Kim Gross, started the #estn15 last year as a fundraiser for End Slavery Tennessee. We are delighted to say that Sarah is continuing the campaign and is urging everyone to walk, run, or bike for End Slavery. All you have to do is go to the #estn15 site on Facebook. As a “comment”, type in #estn15 and show us the number of miles you walked, ran, or cycled from whatever tool you use to track miles. It’s that easy! She is also in the process of trying to launch an app which will make it even easier to tag your miles and raise money for ESTN. We will let you know the progress on the app. In the meantime, get out of that chair and walk, run or bike!

Last, but certainly not least, I hope everyone is getting the tires on their bikes checked and their walking shoes ready for the Ride for Refuge. Beth Wright, our chair for the ride, is in the process of making a list of teams and volunteers. If you are interested, please let me know. My email address is:


Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. It is an honor and privilege to be with you on this journey.