ESTN Library Spotlight - Violated

by Clarice Grooms, ESTN Librarian

BOOK: Violated: Mercy for Sexual Abuse

AUTHOR: Nancy Alcorn

The book, Violated: Mercy for Sexual Abuse, shows the world of frightened young girls with no way out of the abuse and the trauma they live through daily.

Webster’s dictionary defines abuse as “a corrupt practice” and “improper or excessive treatment.” Sexual abuse therefore, involves people using others for corrupt and improper sexual purposes that we were never created to experience.

This read will cover a range of subjects such as the effects of abuse, answers to victims questions of why, steps to letting go of the victim mentality, abuse in unexpected places and breaking free of the abuse. This book is not designed to be a replacement for professional help. But it can be a supplementary resource for those struggling with abuse, and can also allow others to understand the mindset of young girls grappling with this issue.