ESTN Library Spotlight - Captive No More

By Clarice Grooms, ESTN Librarian

BOOK: Captive No More

AUTHOR: Kimberly Rae

Captive No More is a collection of true stories of rescued trafficked victims and those who have brought them to freedom.  Readers will be forced to look into the many forms of human trafficking, the real effects upon its unsuspecting victims and the true cost of freedom. This book will introduce readers into the real world of human trafficking, the organizations that are up close and personal making daily rescues, and the individual stories of the survivors. Though the stories are heartbreaking, Captive No More presents a positive and inspiring representation of the work being done around the world.

Special mention and recognition to organizations feature within include: International Justice Mission, Rehab’s Rope, Gospel For Asia, Truckers Against Trafficking, Women At Risk International, International Princess Project and Tiny Hands International.

Author Kimberly Rae has lived in Bangladesh, Uganda, Kosovo and Indonesia and has published work in five languages.