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Walking-PreyBY: Clarice Grooms

BOOK: Walking Prey

AUTHOR: Holly Austin

In the book Walking Prey, author Holly Austin shares her personal story of how she, a vulnerable eighth grader, is charmed and groomed into trafficking. The book shows how a blond haired, blue-eyed girl full of fears and doubts and looking for acceptance could become so vulnerable to a smooth talking recruiter.

This read will inform you that any child could be susceptible to the traps of traffickers and points out exposures that often set these children up for the quest for acceptance from someone else. She enlightens the reader of the community risk factors that increase the chances of a child crossing the path of a trafficker.

Negative messages in popular cultures such as emphasis on love, romance, beauty, designer products and sex can send messages to our children which in turn cause them to try and reach out and be accepted. Of course these unrealistic images are not reachable.

The overview of the government agencies or the too common lack of assistance for these children may change how you perceive the availability of care for our vulnerable children.

The author Holly Austin Smith is a human trafficking survivor herself and an advocate for others. She is active with legislation and has had appearances in the media and speaking engagements to try and help strengthen laws in domestic and global courts including informing the public as well as law enforcement about the issue.