ESTN Library Spotlight


Captureby Clarice Grooms, ESTN Librarian


BOOK: Unconditional Love

AUTHOR: Ben Stroup

This book introduces the reader to ordinary people from all walks of life  -a poor man out of prison, two nurses, an athlete - who gave of themselves, expecting no returns, to help people in need; individuals giving unconditional love and changing the world one person at a time. Unconditional Love highlights a number of the author's favored non-profit organization and the journeys of their founders.

I was impacted by the following assumption by Ben Stroup: “Unconditional love heals the broken, empowers the timid, affirms the hesitant and elevates the forgotten.”

Ben Stroup is an active abolitionist against slavery and is a Nashville, TN native. Inspiration for this book was the film Unconditional and the founder of Elijah’s Heart, Papa Joe Bradford.