Always Work to be Done

What started off like a normal and calm week here at End Slavery Tennessee quickly turned busy for our office staff:

Shelia and Lizedny headed off on an out-of-state trip to bring back a survivor in search of help and restoration and Christine was in and out of the office every day visiting with six of our survivors this week.  We also had a very large and generous donation of food for our survivor food kits from Ellen Anderson on behalf of a group of kind women from the Immanuel Church Bible study, a weekly total of over $1,100 from our loyal and amazingly generous donors, and lots of interested volunteers who met with Karen K looking for information about human trafficking and ways to engage to help end the slavery in their backyards!  And of course, our bold and fearless leader Derri has been leading the way –working hard to handle all the unexpected events of the week and keep us all on track and focused.  We additionally have recently had our office library organized with the help of volunteer Clarice Grooms who is serving as the middle-woman for those interest in checking out some of the books we have available.  And, although we cannot disclose all information that takes place with our survivors, we have had several events happen this week to add to each day and we are planning for some upcoming events in the weeks to come as well.

For more information about us and what we have been up to this month, be sure to look for our newsletter coming out next week!