7 Kind and Random Things You Can Do For a Human Trafficking Survivor Today!

By Miranda Pietschman

Earlier this month, on a warm and sunny day, survivors participated in Random Acts of Kindness! They hoped to bring happiness to others by painting rocks with encouraging and loving messages and placing them in random spots around a park. While discussing what they hoped this project would bring to strangers, they witnessed a young boy find one and excitedly bring it to his mom! Check out their project:

A day spent showering Nashville with some kindness!

A day spent showering Nashville with some kindness!

We encourage you to follow suit for National Random Acts of Kindness Day! Here are 7 kind and random things you can do for a survivor today:

  1. Prepare a basket of healthy snacks to drop off at our office tomorrow between 9 AM - 5 PM.

  2. Donate $25 to cover a survivor’s first doctor appointment.

  3. Do you own a piece from BRANDED Collective? Take a moment to write a note of hope to the survivors who make the cuffs using your unique number from your piece.

  4. Encourage 1 of your friends to learn more about the issue of human trafficking.

  5. It’s time for spring cleaning, and survivors are looking for some entertainment! Clear out those old DVD’s you aren’t using anymore, and drop them off at our office.

  6. Buy a survivor a cup of coffee. You can’t meet them 1-on-1, but you can mail us a gift card for a cup of joe on you.

  7. Share this post so your friends can join in on the kindness!