We Need MEN


by Derri Smith

Though the vast majority of sexual exploitation and violence against women is done by men, the vast majority of men do NOT engage in these ways.

For us to truly end slavery, as well as precursors like rape and child abuse, we need men to model what REAL manhood looks like. To negate what our culture teaches boys about what it means to be a ‘real man.’ As long as men de-value and objectify women (or anyone), trafficking will continue. Because any people group who are dehumanized and undervalued are far more likely to be exploited.

We need men who will mentor boys. Men who will teach their sons and other young men, through words and actions, that real men respect women and girls. That people are not objects to be used.

We need men to work towards a paradigm shift so that degradation, objectification and exploitation of women is no longer tolerated.

Towards that end, End Slavery Tennessee will host a training for men on Nov. 9th from 9-4 at our offices: 50 Vantage Way Suite 255, Nashville, TN 37228

This training is for men who have the skills and desire to work with groups of boys, primarily middle and high school aged, using a curriculum created by C.A.A.S.E. in Chicago, to work to prevent the next generation of Johns and traffickers. After training and going through our volunteer application process, you may have the opportunity to work as an ESTN presenter in our prevention programs.

Training will be provided by Caleb Probst from C.A.A.S.E. I (Derri) participated in one of his trainings in Chicago and it was excellent!

Click here to RSVP if you'd like to attend.