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“End Slavery Tennessee is the gold standard for human trafficking survivor aftercare.”
— ADA Tammy Meade, District Attorney's Office Davidson County
Without [ESTN’s] efforts, we would not have been as successful as we were today. They made a different in our community. (During a sting.)
— Detective Rowe, Franklin Police
I don’t know how the Justice Department could do their job without End Slavery Tennessee.
— Prosecuting attorney for Davidson County
So many incredible steps forward on the path to systemic change! ... your advocacy work will ultimately impact exponentially more people than End Slavery can touch directly. Your leadership, creativity and tenacity will create ripple effects for so many more people who need your voice to elevate their own.... your work now has the potential to rescue, help and heal people you may never meet and prevent trauma for future potential victims. For us, this is the value of advocacy. Thank you for your work! We are proud to help support it.
— Supporting Foundation
The state of Tennessee and more importantly, the survivors of human trafficking , are fortunate to have End Slavery Tennessee.
— Marjorie Quin, former ASAC at TBI
I have never been around a group of people that is more supportive of me in my life. I feel so thankful every day that I am here at ESTN and that you guys care so much about me.
— Survivor Quote