Sponsor a Room in the New End Slavery Tennessee Safe House

We are so excited as we get ready to move into our very first, completely owned and paid off, Safe House. As always, we make our Safe Houses as homey, comfortable and, of course, safe. The feeling of safety is one of the highest priorities of trauma informed care. You can help us turn this house into a home for the survivors we serve. While we are grateful for people who donate items, in this case, we are asking people to sponsor a room financially so we can make it a trauma informed design and get the input of the survivors. If you do sponsor a room we would love for you to choose the name of that room and we will share pictures with you once it is done! Please let me know if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions.

Thank you for being the love!

Lorraine McGuire

Cost Breakdown per Room

5 Bedrooms - $750 each

Living Room - $1,500

Dining Room - $500

Recreation Room - $2,000

Patio, Deck and Garden - $1,500

Estimated total need - $9,250