Rebecca researches and develops new community partners for enhanced survivor resources and is responsible for triaging all referral calls.


Rebecca was born in the South Bronx, New York where she found her call to advocacy and social justice. Growing up, her environment was surrounded by social ills that demanded minority voices to speak out against injustice. Through her advocacy she sought after a discipline that could examine the theories and practices of social experiences. This caused her to leave New York and take her academic pursuits to the south.

Rebecca studied Religion and Philosophy at Clark Atlanta University, a historically black university in Atlanta, Georgia. College gave her a more in depth passion for social ethics and human rights. This led her to further her education and pursue a Masters of Theological Studies with a concentration in Ethics at Vanderbilt University. Her academic research allowed her to develop a specific passion for Womanist Ethics where she examined the historical and current violence and exploitation against women and their bodies. This expanded Rebecca’s vocational development in political reform, and specified advocacy in domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Wilcox has traveled to countries such as South Africa to gain a global perspective on how the world is engaging in various social movements for human freedom. In her spare time, she enjoys brunchin’ with her girlfriends, binge watching her favorite tv shows, reading, and sleeping. Rebecca believes that if we can go to the places of our imaginations, we can create a better reality for ourselves and others. Her favorite quote is from Shirley Chisholm which states “Service is the rent you pay for room on this earth.”