Work on Projects

  • Gather a group of friends and hang door hangers that list red flags to identify victims and the Tennessee Human Trafficking Hotline number.
    Click here to see the map to see where door hangers have been distributed so far. 
    And click HERE to download the Door Hanger Event Guidelines PDF.
  • Hold a gift card drive. These are needed to meet immediate survivor needs. Most useful: Visa, Walmart, Target, Kroger, ANY franchise restaurant in the area.
  • Host a yard or garage sale with proceeds going to End Slavery Tennessee.
  • Host a video screening of human trafficking documentations such as Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, No Girl's Dream, or even mainstream films like Taken. We can provide you with handouts and information to include and help inform viewers of the reality of human trafficking right here in our backyards.
  • Research and compile information and resources for specific professions (i.e. law, business, medical) to bring awareness about human trafficking to those who may encounter victims in their daily work environment. Contact to learn more.
  • Get us invited to bring our Youth Presentation, Traps of Trafficking, to your church, youth group, youth club or other youth venue.  Have the venue leader email