Preventing even one person from falling prey to a trafficker's traps is worth our time, our effort and our money.

Protecting Youth

To protect youth from human traffickers:

  • We've created a presentation and materials for low-risk youth venues, warning youth and those who care for them of the tactics of traffickers.
  • Our prevention web site, Be the Jam, warns of trafficking tactics and suggests easy ways to share the information with friends and to report the suspicion of traffickers operating among their peer group.
  • We hold ten week small group sessions, facilitated by a therapist and a survivor, with high risk youth in group homes, juvenile detention, schools and low income youth programs. During these sessions we work with staff to get appropriate care for issues that arise that would heighten risk for exploitation (child abuse, trauma, addiction, suicidal ideation etc.) These groups often also identify youth who have already been trafficked and we take them on as clients and work to avoid re-victimization. 

Check out our youth-oriented site at Be The Jam.


Reducing Demand

To slow demand for the services of trafficking victims:

  • We teach at each session of the Magdalene "John School" in Nashville (a school for men arrested for soliciting prostitutes). We educate the attendees about how their choices feed human trafficking and slavery. We also educate them on the role of early childhood sexual abuse in the lives of virtually every victim and how their choices are perpetuating the effects of that abuse.
  • We educate about becoming responsible consumers, seeking out goods not made by slaves.
  • We offer group sessions for middle and high school aged boys that work to diminish the next generation of “Johns” – purchasers of sex.

Much of our advocacy work also serves to prevent trafficking by fixing systems and laws that allow trafficking to flourish. (See Advocacy tab.)