Lisa Tonkin - Resident Manager


If you could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve ______________?

My holiday would be Hike to A Waterfall Day.  It refuels my soul to sit next to a waterfall listening to the rushing water.

What are your three favorite podcasts and/or books?

My favorite podcasts are Armchair Expert (by Dax Shepard), The Bible Binge (funny twist on bible stories), and Typology (enneagram). 

What are you currently binge watching?

I’m all about some Master Chef Jr right now.  Those kids are so talented and amazing!

What can you be found doing in your free time?

Exploring Nashville and the outdoors.  I love being in nature so you can catch me on a hike or on the water.  And since I just moved to Nashville, I love seeing what festivals and night life it has to offer.

What does your job look like day-to-day?

Being the safe house manager looks different every day.  Sometimes it is coordinating safe house repairs and maintenance, sometimes it is evening groups and outings with survivors.  And often it is just being with the ladies through the ups and downs of their healing process. 

What’s the most inspiring part of your job?

Since the majority of my shift is spent in the evenings with the ladies, I am most inspired by their strength to carry on despite their past.  There are many evenings when it’s a struggle to just “stay put and be still”.  But as they learn to trust their safe environment, they start believing in themselves and their ability to overcome. 

Where did you go to college? What did you get your degree in?

I served 9 years in the United States Army as an ammunition specialist and a Military Policewoman.  I then spent 16 years in the medical field as a licensed xray technician while volunteering with several nonprofit organizations for the homeless. 

What path led you to work at End Slavery Tennessee?

I became aware of human trafficking after watching a documentary on PBS several years ago.  I began to research the problem locally, and started following nonprofits that were in the fight against it in middle Tennessee.  Eventually a position opened up, and my entire life changed for the better!