Hands of Hope is a group of donors committed to giving $5 or more every month.

What does the name mean?

The name encompasses who they are and what their monthly support means to us. In the words of one survivor, “[yours] was the hand that reached out… out of destruction, hurt, evil, pain”.

Hands of Hope confront the darkness and reality of human trafficking, not just once, but every single month! They stabilize and protect us, fighting beside us to end slavery in Tennessee.

Why the butterfly?

The butterfly is a meaningful symbol to human trafficking survivors because of the quote, “perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet still become something beautiful”. Hands of Hope provide a safe place for transformation.


Hands of Hope are active in the fight against human trafficking. To keep them informed and express our gratitude, we created a perks program. When you join Hands of Hope you become eligible for:

  • Exclusive ESTN updates

  • Exclusive ESTN open houses and events

  • A personalized annual giving breakdown demonstrating your personal impact

  • Exclusive raffles and drawings

  • Opportunity for newsletter spotlights

  • The knowledge that you are truly part of the movement to end slavery in Tennessee

What current Hands of Hope members are saying

“Giving monthly allows me to be a part of an incredible organization and have an active role in enabling others to change lives.

“I’m so glad to be an active participant in helping ESTN sustain it’s incredible program by giving monthly. The work they do is life changing and it’s beautiful to see and know I played a part.

“Hearing about all of the life changing work ESTN is doing inspired me to become a monthly donor. I love knowing I’m a part of the change and my donations are helping sustain the organization to help future survivors.

“I give monthly because of the amazing, life changing work happening at ESTN. I want to both be a part of this work and know I’m helping sustain the work long term.

“I give monthly to End Slavery TN because I want to be a part of the work of fighting injustice here in our state. Much has been accomplished but there is still much to do in the fight against human trafficking.

“I can’t give much, but even the little bit that I do give every month makes an impact that grows over time. I am planting a seed that End Slavery Tennessee can use!