Direct Services intern

The Part-Time Direct Service Intern will support direct services staff in restoring dignity, choice, safety, and self-agency to survivors, helping them continue on a path toward self-sufficiency while also supporting the Resident Care Manager in day-to-day functions that provide long term, comprehensive, specialized, trauma-informed residential services for survivors of human trafficking.

Part-Time Direct Service Interns may be asked to fulfill some if not all of the following responsibilities:

  • Actively promote and strive to develop positive community atmosphere among residents.
  • Coordinate events, programs, socials, etc. for residents.
  • Actively promote and participate in activities and programs for residents.
  • Participate in weekly supervision meetings, direct service staff meetings and communications.
  • Communicate with, and serve as a liaison between residents and Survivor Care Coordinators after operating hours.
  • Document resident meetings, incidents, and other important data within 24 hrs.
  • Report suspected policy violations to direct services staff.
  • Uphold the values and guidelines of our residential program and actively encourage residents to uphold said values and guidelines.
  • Check in with new residents as needed.
  • Mediate resident conflicts and provide proper follow-up and report to staff when appropriate.
  • Conduct chore and room checks. Review expectations and cleaning procedures when needed.
  • Be a role model with regard to policies, conduct, tolerance of personal differences, and diversity.
  • Maintain excellent boundaries with clients regarding discussion of personal problems, client’s problems, personal space, phone use, rides and etc.
  • Ensures that facility is a safe and protected environment including developing and implementing appropriate procedures for handling day-to-day and crisis-related situations.
  • Assist with day-to-day functions such as grocery shopping, supervising maintenance, and other duties assigned by the Resident Manager or Education Specialist.
  • Provide occasional transportation to events or evening appointments for survivors.


  • Support of the End Slavery TN mission.
  • Be willing to create and adhere to flexible hours. Be willing to commit to a minimum of 2 days per week and a workday beginning no earlier than 2PM.
  • Ability and willingness to drive with program participants;
  • Must have own transportation, possess a valid driver’s license, have adequate insurance, and be able to successfully pass a criminal and driving background check.
  • Sensitive to the dynamics of culture, gender, socio-economic status and their interaction with PTSD, victimization, the criminal justice system and the experiences of survivors of trauma/ trafficking;
  • Ability to work with individuals with various backgrounds, languages, and strengths/ barriers; 

Performance Standards:

  • Strong organizational and communication skills;
  • Ability to handle and support multiple tasks and roles;
  • Ability and skills to provide positive survivor support and consistent adherence to safe house rules, policies, and consequences, when policies and procedures are breached;
  • Tact and ability to work with individuals who may express aggression, fear, and/or difficulty trusting;
  • Ability to talk about sensitive and stressful topics and events;
  • Be part of a healing, honest and healthy environment;
  • Committed to providing the space for empowerment, self-agency and exploration of choice;
  • Highest understanding and respect of confidentiality and safety.
  • Ability to lift items over 10 lbs., walk, and stand frequently.