Direct Services Intern

The Direct Service Intern will support Survivor Care Coordinators in restoring dignity, choice, safety, and self-agency to survivors, helping them continue on a path toward self-sufficiency by providing all survivors of any kind of human trafficking long term, comprehensive, specialized, trauma-informed aftercare through both residential services and other community service providers.

Direct Service Interns may be asked to fulfill some if not all of the following responsibilities:

  • Screen and complete intakes and in-person interviews for referrals and those seeking services;
  • Assess survivors’ needs; jointly develop, implement and monitor survivors’ personal goals;
  • Conduct case-management meetings with survivors;
  • Follow professional guidelines, such as NASW Code of Ethics and HIPAA;
  • Actively cultivate, coordinate and refer to other supportive service providers for survivors, including law enforcement, legal, mental health/ recovery providers, medical health providers, housing support, vocational training and/or employment services;
  • Provide therapeutic intervention and crisis management when needed for program participants, callers, potential program participants and aftercare survivors;
  • Conduct assessment and development of safety planning around trafficking, abusive relationships/ environments, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and other high-risk behaviors;
  • Monitor and document prescription drug use;
  • Write advocacy letters for a variety of audiences to support the survivor in his or her goals;
  • Collaborate with local and statewide trafficking programs to assist clients and ensure safety.
  • Complete documentation of services rendered and significant events in a timely manner;
  • Update, create and maintain documentation regarding case management, policies, and procedures;
  • Attend weekly staff and supervisory meetings;
  • Accompany survivors to important meetings, such as mental health, legal appointments, doctor’s appointments and more;
  • Transport survivors whenever necessary;
  • Administer drug tests, room and/or bag checks, as needed;
  • Provide support and guidance for program participant meetings, including but not limited to house meetings, therapeutic groups or classes, and peer-support groups;
  • Review and/or complete Incident reports, case notes, treatment plans and other team documentation on a regular basis;
  • Other duties as assigned by the Survivor Care Coordinator/Education Specialist

In addition to these general responsibilities, the Direct Service Intern will be required to complete a Legacy Project. The intern will have the ability to initiate and complete any project of their choice that meets a need within the organization and will have a lasting effect on the organization, effectively leaving a legacy of their time with ESTN. The intern will also have the opportunity to pick an area of focus and assist the Survivor Care Coordinator within that specialization directly with tasks and projects related to that topic. The areas of focus and their responsibilities are as follows:

Community Education and Program Development

  • Provide and coordinate training and technical assistance to representatives and agencies from social services, faith-based groups, law enforcement, advocacy services and prevention services on the basics of human trafficking and our services, empowering them to help in the identification of potential victims and make referrals when necessary. 
  • Conduct surveys and evaluation methods to measure effectiveness in trainings, partnerships and groups. 
  • Participate in and conduct outreach activities that focus on ending the demand of human trafficking, including Grace Empowered, Be the Jam, and The John School. 
  • Actively participate in statewide and local coalitions, workgroups, and other social service agencies and entities that aid in addressing the needs of survivors.
  • Build and maintain professional linkages with community service providers and maintain a listing of available resources for trafficking victims and service providers. 
  • Conduct community assessments to determine gaps in services and approaches for meeting the gaps in service. 
  • Track all data pertaining to project activities and progress and prepare program reports and documents as required by the funding source, Education Specialist, and Care Coordinator Manager.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned to ensure services are provided to victims of human trafficking and that goals and objectives of program are met.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

  • Provide case management and social services to child survivors of human trafficking and other violence both at home and in state custody.
  • Provide intake and assessment services through telephone and in-person interviews with potential minor clients and their families.
  • Provide training and strengthen partnerships in schools, DCS facilities, and youth-serving agencies.
  • Work with community partners, schools, DCS, law enforcement, and other youth serving agencies in service coalitions and/or workgroups.
  • Facilitate prevention and intervention groups for CSEC clients.

Labor Trafficking and Foreign Victims

  • Multi/ Bi-lingual preferred; Ability to work with translators/ interpreters required.
  • Assisting Program Participants with acquiring travel documents from the countries of citizenship.
  • Providing survivors with legal and immigration assistance, vocational skills training, and translation and interpretation services.
  • Coordinating services with outside agencies to maximize care, such as Tapestri and Immigration Authorities.
  • Act as the liaison between ESTN and Tapestri while tracking financial data and making reports including reimbursement for services rendered.

Legal and Law Enforcement Partnership

  • Willingness to assist law enforcement and survivors off-site at stings and provide survivor support when needed;
  • Attend Cherished Hearts (Human Trafficking Court) collaborative weekly meetings, Grace Empowered intervention classes, and any other Cherished Hearts facilitated events.
  • Act as an advocate for survivors with probation officers, attorneys and law enforcement.
  • Conduct outreach activities for incarcerated individuals who identify as survivors of human trafficking or are high-risk for having experienced instances of trafficking.
  • Provide technical assistance for law enforcement agencies.
  • Network and collaborate with other agencies to expand legal services afforded to survivors.


  • Support of the End Slavery TN mission.
  • Job requires ability and willingness to drive with program participants;
  • Must have own transportation, possess a valid driver’s license, have adequate insurance, and be able to successfully pass a criminal and driving background check.
  • Sensitive to the dynamics of culture, gender, socio-economic status and their interaction with PTSD, victimization, the criminal justice system and the experiences of survivors of trauma/ trafficking;
  • Ability to work with individuals with various backgrounds, languages, and strengths/ barriers; 

Performance Standards:

  • Strong organizational and communication skills;
  • Ability to handle and support multiple tasks and roles;
  • Keep up-to-date on regional resources, research, therapeutic interventions, and benefits;
  • Ability to embrace working on a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Ability and skills to provide positive survivor support and consistent adherence to safe house rules, policies, and consequences, when policies and procedures are breached;
  • Tact and ability to work with individuals who may express aggression, fear, and/or difficulty trusting;
  • Understanding of victim stigmatization and victim blaming, and the impact on the individual;
  • Ability to talk about sensitive and stressful topics and events;
  • Be part of a healing, honest and healthy environment;
  • Committed to providing the space for empowerment, self-agency and exploration of choice;
  • Highest understanding and respect of confidentiality and safety.
  • Must be a team player