End Slavery Tennessee provides victims and their advocates a single point of contact to long term, comprehensive, specialized, trauma-informed aftercare for survivors.

We provide in-house services and connect to community service providers, using the tools and people best equipped to restore victims to wholeness. Requests for aid can come from federal, state and local law enforcement, the District Attorney's office, the courts, the Dept. of Children's Services, social workers, medical professionals, classmates, teachers, observant citizens, concerned family members and victims themselves .

For survivors age 18 and up, we have all-in-one safe housing that can accommodate up to 8 survivors full-time, and another 4 survivors temporarily. Full-time residents stay up to a year while we focus together on healing and individualized plans for next steps. 

The path to wholeness is long and complex. Types of aid vary with each case. Examples include:

  • Safe shelter, both short and long term

  • Basic needs

  • Medical assessment and care

  • Legal Aid

  • Mental health assessment and care

  • Treatment for addiction

  • Dental care

  • Support groups of many kinds

  • Transportation to services

  • Phone (for safety)

  • Tattoo ("tag") removal

  • Translator

  • Life skills training

  • Education

  • Job skills and job search

  • Identification, SSN, etc.

  • Pre-natal care

  • Childcare

  • Mentoring

  • Literacy and GED tutoring

  • Opportunities to develop new skills, meet new goals

  • Safety plans

  • Intangibles: Respect, empowerment, options, support, love, acceptance, affirmation of skills and strengths.

We partner with Branded Collective (formerly T-615) who provide jobs and job training for some survivors. This provides them work experience and references as well as job skills development. 

Our services are available to all human trafficking survivors in Middle Tennessee: Adults and minors; foreign nationals and US citizens; victims of labor, service or sex trafficking.