The human cost of one person trafficked into slavery is beyond imagining. The cost is to them, to the community, to their family and to us all.

Preventing one case is worth our time, our effort and our money.

Protecting Youth

To protect youth from human traffickers:

  • We’ve created a presentation and materials for youth venues, warning youth and those who care for them of the tactics of traffickers.
  • Our prevention web site, Be the Jam, warns of trafficking tactics and suggests easy ways to share the information with friends and to report the suspicion of traffickers operating among their peer group.

Check out out youth-oriented site at Be The Jam.

Reducing Demand

To slow demand for the services of slaves:

  • We teach at each session of the Magdalene House “John School” in Nashville (a school for men arrested for using the services of prostitutes). We educate the attendees about how their choices feed human trafficking and slavery.
  • We educate about becoming responsible consumers, seeking out goods not made by slaves.