• Weekly Staff Update

    Posted on July 11, 2014 by Laura Courtney in Blog.


    • Lampshade Films had us feeling like stars the past few weeks.  The crew followed Sheila and one of our survivors around one afternoon, and did some in-office filming and interviews of our staff another, and came back to do some more staff interviews this past week.
    • Emily Lamb and Amanda McGown from Hot Yoga Plus visited our offices recently as well to learn more about our organization and the reality of human trafficking right here in Tennessee. The Hot Yoga Plus studio in Nashville is also offering donation only classes the first Sunday of each month with 100% of proceeds going to ESTN!
    • Eileen Fisher hosted an event for us at The Mall at Green Hills on June 28th with 10% of proceeds going to ESTN.  Derri, Karen, Laura, Kamrie, and volunteer Caroline Marshall were there to help out for a few hours and engage customers.
    • Shelia, Christine, Allie and Kamire were out of the office several times this week – one of our survivors went into labor on Tuesday and delivered a beautiful baby boy just a few hours later.  The team visited her again on Wednesday and took her some cards and shared in her happiness!
    • While at the hospital with our new survivor-mom, Shelia also got calls about two new referrals!
    • Lizedny was called in on a sting this past week to help with the victim.  She visited with her later in the week to learn a little more about her and begin assessing her needs.
    • Tuesday afternoon our conference room was used to facilitate a meeting between Ryan Dalton and a group of volunteer lawyers here in Nashville who are working to try to legislatively help end slavery right here in Tennessee.
    • Derri has been working hard to compile information for the CNM Salute to Excellence award as End Slavery Tennessee has been selected as one of the finalist nominees!  So grateful, humbled, and honor for this!!
    • Marge Middleton and Jan Berkompas from the Franklin volunteer group stopped by the office today to drop off lots of food items and some other survivor supplies for our food kits!  Always great to see these two ladies!!
    • Our staff is also excited for this Saturday and the South of the City event our volunteer friend Andrew Yontz has put together with full benefits going to ESTN!  We are anxious to see the turnout for this event and hope to see YOU there!
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