Updated Needs List

Items large and small… everything helps us accomplish our mission and spend funds and attention on the work! Someone will be in the office most weekdays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm to accept deliveries. If you need arrangements for other time periods, please contact us to arrange delivery. Sorry–we cannot pick any items up. To make a financial donation, please click on the Donate button on the top right of the page.

To see current volunteer needs, click here. 


We're in good shape at the moment; thank-you! 

Survivor needs:

  • Cell phones with SIM cards
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent – ongoing needs for our safe houses
  • Large/XL size yoga and sweat pants
  • Two tall but not large corner cabinets for small safe house dining room - needed for storage because kitchen has almost no cabinets. 
    Kits for new rescues - We currently DO NOT need any more kits. We are out of space to store any more - Thank you! 
    Click the link in the heading to see items to include in kits. Please use the drawstring bags noted- they really help with our limited storage space. Thanks! These small drawstring bags are ever so much more space efficient for our limited storage area. Bags are available on Amazon or we can provide if needed. Have a choice? Pick ESTN lime green, of course! 
  • Gift cards for immediate survivor needs -  Walmart, restaurants, gas, Kroger, Visa, MasterCard   Note: Going to lunch with survivors during a day filled with appointments is an important part of relationship building and care. We’d love a wide variety of gift cards to restaurants all around the area! 
  • Please note:  We cannot accept  clothing donations except as specifically listed here
    NO more blankets please- we have plenty.
    NO more kits at present- we can';t store more.
    NO more toiletries at present- we have plenty for now. 


Sponsorship or items for :

Birthdays for our girls and women - it’s time to lavish them with love! Sponsor a gift, restaurant meal, party supplies  (amounts can vary but generally about $100-$150) Donate as usual, select “Direct Aid to Victims” in category and shoot us a note at the same time, saying it is for a birthday girl (info@endslaverytn.org)

Sponsor a Survivor - We are looking for individuals or groups who would like to financially sponsor safe house residents for a minimum of 6 months. Their time in the safe house focuses on stabilization. While their housing, food and basic needs are met, your sponsorship of a specific survivor would provide a monthly allowance for spending money; $20 a week - $60 a month.  Contact us if you would like to become a sponsor today!

Big Needs:

  • A building to serve as the ESTN Survivor Care Center. We are busting at the seams. We need space for survivors to hang out with other survivors and staff they trust- to be community. Think sofas, games, media etc.  Space for childcare and a place for new referrals to nap (they are always exhausted.) Space to grow services-- a therapy wing, room for classes and support groups, for our partners at Branded Collective to grow the jobs program etc. A secure dorm wing with rooms for survivors to stay in during the first few months while we work out individual plans for next steps. This is a BIG need but one very much needed, especially as TBI gets four new agents and referrals dramatically escalate (as they already are.) 

    With gratitude from us and those we serve-