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·        27 million: Slaves in the world…more than at any time in history

·        $90: Average cost of a slave

·        $32 billion: Size of human trafficking industry…some estimate $50 billion.

·        2nd largest and fastest growing crime on earth after drug trafficking

·        Commercial sex trafficking of minors: Fastest growing sex crime

·        600,000 to 800,000: People trafficked each year

·        80% of victims are female

·        50% of victims are children

·        2 children are trafficked every minute


United States

·        7 years: Average life of a commercial sex slave, once trafficked

·        18,000 to 20,000: People trafficked across US borders annually

·        83% of victims in confirmed sex-trafficking incidents were identified as U.S. citizens

·        12-14 years: Average age of entry into sex trafficking

·        33%: Percent of all runaways who will be sexually exploited within 48 hours

·        90%: Percent of runaways who ultimately end up in the commercial sex trade



·        85 counties: Reported at least one case of human trafficking. (in 2011)

·        4 counties:  Reported 100+ cases (a  case usually involves multiple victims)

·       94: Number of children trafficked in Tennessee every MONTH. 


Nashville Area

·        Over 100: Cases of minor sex trafficking reported in Davidson County (2011)

·        Over 100: Cases of adult sex trafficking reported in Davidson County (2011)

·        Atlanta to Nashville: Victims regularly moved on a circuit to minimize detection (Atlanta is one of the major child sex trafficking hubs in the U.S.)

·        Magnets for Sex Trafficking: Middle Tennessee traffickers find an attractive business climate among tourists, conventions, truck stops, a military base and among residents of one of the region’s most affluent populations


In March of 2011, The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) released a report done in collaboration with Vanderbilt University based on research on sex trafficking of minors in our state.


TBI Director Mark Gwynn called the results “shocking” and said that  “Human trafficking and sex slavery in Tennessee is more common than previously believed possible”  In fact, results show that human trafficking is a larger problem in our state than gangs…. involving more counties.


Read the entire document here: