Volunteer Opportunities

Please fill out the volunteer application form at the end of this page, for these positions and others. This is step one in volunteering with End Slavery Tennessee. 

For current tangible needs list, click here.


General Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Couple of strong people with a pick-up truck or large van to pick-up a carton containing a disassembled new desk from the storefront and delivery it to our offices. (We have a small dolly if you don’t.) 
  • Once the above happens, we need people who can follow confusing directions to assemble this desk! 
  • Motivated, highly responsible young person(s) (college student would be ideal) who has good written communication skills and ability to use social networking sites to take role of social networking on our youth initiative web site www.bethejam.org , Facebook page and Twitter
  • Responsible people to sit on various committees (decorating, marketing, soliciting sponsors, registration…numerous others) for the 2015 annual fundraising event to be held in September. Work will run January or February up until and shortly after the event. 

  • For these and other volunteer opportunities, please fill out the linked application form. You may send this digitally via e-mail attachment to Karen Karpinski: educator@endslaverytn or mail to:

End Slavery Tennessee
50 Vantage Way Ste. 255
Nashville, TN 37228

ESTN Volunteer Interest Survey Application