Volunteer Opportunities

Please fill out the volunteer application form at the end of this page, for these positions and others. This is step one in volunteering with End Slavery Tennessee. 

For current tangible needs list, click here.


General Volunteer Opportunities

  • 2 people: to install a security system. We’ve purchased the items needed and had an electrician wire things up. We need people to install 4 cameras, 5 door sensors and a control panel. Qualifications: Needs to own a power drill and screwdrivers and know how to use them – and bring them on the day of service. (If by some miracle someone has experience with Honeywell security systems that would be great.)


  • Someone to send reminders to community volunteer groups, a week before and a day or two before. That’s about 16 reminders a month. This can be done from home. Needs someone organized who doesn’t need to be reminded themselves!


  • Generous patrons with decorating skills to adopt a room at the office and make it beautiful yet professional, because we think this speaks volumes to our clients about how valued they are.
  • NFNL lobby 1 NFNL lobby 3 resource center NFNL 1

     1. The new Resource Center where we’ll have a bank of computers and hold classes like Career Path (dealing with issues specific to obstacles trafficking victims and sexually exploited women have in getting and holding jobs), Computer Skills, GED prep, college exam prep, Literacy etc.

    2. The Advocates’ office area, including a welcoming, comfortable area for clients to meet with their advocate.

    We’ll put up plaques outside the door of the room you ‘adopt’ to let survivors know who cared about them enough to do this.  (Photos are samples from an agency we visited in Dallas. )


  • Professionals to develop packets for others in your profession and for college professors training those who will enter your profession. We have some resources and guidance but this will take a self-starter, good writer and formatter or perhaps a team encompassing those skills.


  • Someone(s) to locate furnished apartments in safe areas we can call upon for short term housing for new rescues (donated for occasional use is best; inexpensive rent considered)


  • Business person(s)/ Entrepreneur(s) to discuss feasibility of an idea we have for working with local businesses….and to oversee that plan if it seems good or develop options.   Contact Derri at dsmith@endslaverytn.org 


  • For these and other volunteer opportunities, please fill out the linked application form. You may send this digitally via e-mail attachment to Karen Karpinski: educator@endslaverytn or mail to:

End Slavery Tennessee
50 Vantage Way Ste. 255
Nashville, TN 37228

ESTN Volunteer Interest Survey Application