What You Can Do

NEEDED: Volunteers and Interns.

We need motivated and reliable individuals to:

  • Recruit and keep a organized list of translators for a variety of languages.
  • Be team leaders, riders and /or sponsors in the Ride for Refuge.
  • Hold door hanger events (see projects page.)
  • Organize and execute successful fundraisers.
  • Show “Traps of Traffickers” to your youth group or other youth venue. Contact our Community Educator and Trainer, Karen Karpinski,  educator@endslaverytn.org,  to arrange a presentation.
  • The best way for most people to engage is by joining one of our monthly volunteer groups. See here for information.
  • Note: There are sometimes opportunities to work directly with survivors and other leadership positions available after volunteering with us for at least six months and submitting an FBI background check and 2 letters of character reference. 

  Interns: Plan ahead. We get many applicants so if you wait until the last minute, you’re likely to be disappointed. Send us: Your resume, GPA, and a cover letter explaining why you are interested in interning with us and what your career goals are. We do bring on a variety of types of interns including  those pursuing degrees in IT, social work, social justice, youth ministry and non-profit management. 

We Need YOU!

If any of these opportunities interest you, or you’d like help finding your niche, please contact leaders as noted or visit our contact page so we can get you started!