Updated Needs List

Items large and small… and everything helps us accomplish our mission and spend funds and attention on the work! Someone will be in the office most weekdays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm to accept deliveries. If you need arrangements for other time periods, please contact us to arrange delivery. Sorry–we cannot pick any items up. To make a financial donation, please click on the Donate button in the sidebar.


  • reams of white copy paper
  • Post It Chart pads like these
  • Clear report covers
  • reliable laptop (capable of handling HD videos) dedicated to use for in-office trainings

Survivor Needs:

Housing for survivors 18 and over: 1 week to several months, furnished apartments we can call on to use at short notice once a year or more often (your choice)  When a survivor first comes out, they need some time to debrief and start healing before they have to start dealing with jobs and paying bills.

For specific survivors:

  • a basic laptop for a teen survivor who is studying for her GED
  • sponsor three months living expenses to allow debrief and healing time before having to pay bills  Costs average $4000

Ongoing Survivor Needs:

  • Kits for new rescues: We are in urgent need of these as well as food kits. Scroll down on same link to find items for the food kits.
  • Gift cards for immediate survivor needs – we always need these!  Walmart, restaurants, Kroger, Visa, Mastercard  (We have plenty of Target cards currently.)  Most needed currently: Restaurants, gas cards and /or Kroger (which can also be used for gas), Wal-mart
  • Nice extras: art supplies – especially canvases of all sizes ITunes cards Pet store cards (some girls have beloved animals they care for like turtles, lizards and fish)
  • High quality business suits for survivor job interviews

Sponsorships or items for :

  •  birthdays for our girls and women- it’s time to lavish them with love! : Sponsor a gift, restaurant meal, party supplies  (amounts can vary but generally about $100-$150) Donate as usual, select “Direct Aid to Victims” in category and shoot us a note at the same time, saying it is for a birthday girl (info@endslaverytn.org)


  • host a table at our benefit breakfast or luncheon at Richland Country Club on Sept. 16th  You’ll enable others to have their eyes open and inspire them to take action   $350

    With gratitude from us and those we serve-